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Osmotic Wraps

$30.00 $22.00

Osmotic Wrap

Looking for a way to speed up waist training and amplify your sweat????  You are looking at it!!!  This is a super high quality osmatic wrap that helps increase and speed up the results of waist training. You can wear this wrap in conjunction with your waist trainer. You may also use with the slimming gel and caffeine cream. This wrap is ideal for aesthetic use in different parts of the body including waistline, arms, legs and buttocks.

  • Use under your waist trainer to speed up waist shaping
  • Flabby arms?  Wrap around your arms before workout to get rid of water retention in your arms
  • Huge thighs? Wrap around your thighs before workout to get rid of water retention and reduce fatty cells
  • Highly recommended for targeting unwanted body fat

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